Prohbtd Bianca Green

Bianca E. Green’s Tips for Cannabis Advocacy

Bianca Green (formerly Barnhill), who executive produced The Culture High, is the long-time cannabis advocate behind B.E. Green Media, the House of Green and Spark the Conversation and a board member of American For Safe Access. [read more]

Green Gold Stories Bianca Green

Green Gold Stories: Bianca E. Green

In an effort to get off pharmaceuticals after a cancer diagnosis, former model Bianca Green made a drastic career switch when she discovered the healing qualities of cannabis as… [read more]

MG Retailer Bianca Green

Bianca E. Green Flexes Her Activist Marketing Chops

Most people still know her as Bianca Barnhill—the “Anna Wintour of Weed.” Returning to her roots (Green is her birth name), the agile and peripatetic activist, collaborator, and entrepreneur, whose ability to bring disparate people together to…. [read more]

KindLand Article Spark The Conversation

Can High-Fashion Activism Wipe Out Anti-Weed Stigma? 25 Pics Say 'Yes'

What happens when high-end jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche hooks up with nonprofit cannabis pioneers Spark The Conversation? Well, a lot of beautiful people gather together to… [read more]

Merry Jane Bianca Green

How to Fight for Legalization and Destigmatize Weed

Bianca Green started Spark the Conversation in 2014 in the hopes of eliminating the harmful stigma associated with cannabis. A former model, she has used her contacts in the entertainment industry to benefit her advocacy and social activism. Her latest campaign… [read more]

W Magazine

Proposition 64 Party Attracts Young Hollywood

An open box of perfectly rolled marijuana cigarettes sat on an outdoor table, as guests lit up, creating clouds of smoke in the Beverly Hills backyard… [read more]

Culture Magazine Industry Leaders

Cannabis Industry Leaders

Those in media get to sit back and watch the entire show unfold, and for individuals involved with cannabis media, the view is particularly special. Not only do members… [read more]

Prohbtd Bianca Green

Bianca Green: From Teen Drug Warrior to Cannabis Advocate

Bianca Green (formerly Barnhill) started an anti-drug campaign in high school that would’ve made the Reagans proud. For this reason, it took major life events (including a cancer diagnosis) for the former model to… [read more]

Direct Cannabis Network

Green is Good: Bianca Green Sparks The Conversation

Bianca Green is the founder of Spark The Conversation, a site dedicated to empowering and educating people to build a voice to end the War on Drugs. She works with many voices in the cannabis community to… [read more]

Dope Magazine Spark The Conversation

Spark The Conversation with Bianca Green

Spark the Conversation is a national nonprofit education and awareness campaign that is aiming to change the social stigma of cannabis and its consumers—a subject that we are very passionate about here… [read more]

MG Retailer Spark The Conversation

Jacquie Aiche Hosts Spark the Conversation California Tour Kickoff Event

About 50 or so cannabis-friendly hipsters gathered Thursday at 4:20 p.m. at the residential Beverly Hills showroom of jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche, who was hosting a private event celebrating the… [read more]

Los Angeles Times

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner help jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche roll out a new pot-themed collection

On the afternoon of the final presidential debate, jewelry and accessories designer Jacquie Aiche stood in the backyard of her Beverly Hills showroom with a… [read more]

Uncover LA

Rihanna-Faved Fine Jeweler Jacquie Aiche on How She’s Lifting Stoner Stigma

If you thought that stoner style meant a baggy black tee with a bright green pot leaf from Hot Topic, then you don’t know Jacquie Aiche. Since founding her eponymous line in 2005, the LA fine… [read more]

Hollywood Reporter Spark The Conversation


An intimate, lush green backyard — tucked away in a cozy Beverly Hills neighborhood — was the unlikely location of one of Hollywood’s biggest pot parties…. [read more]

The Weed Blog Spark The Conversation

Spark The Conversation Launches Cannabis Education Bus Tour

Exciting news come out of California yesterday. Spark the Conversation – a nonprofit cannabis organization dedicated to changing the social stigma around cannabis consumption – leaves for a two-week California… [read more]

Prohbtd 2016

Big Things Happened in 2016

Culture High producer and cannabis advocate Bianca Green launched a California tour called Spark the Conversation to promote the legalization initiative in the Golden State. A full interview will… [read more]

DOPE Magazine Spark The Conversation Article

Spark The Conversation Launches Cannabis Education Tour Across California: “High My Name Is”

In conjunction with the brand that will represent the heart of California farmers, Humboldt’s Finest, Spark The Conversation launches a multi-city, two-week education event and activation campaign set to… [read more]

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